Crypt stick to your guts - Stick Games - Play Action, Sniper, Base Defense and.

Adam, Joe, and Arwen say “farewell” to 2017 and “hello” to THE MOVIE CRYPT’s
new start in this epic 3-hour Christmas special!

Editorial - Letter from Publisher Terry Webb

Say what? - AFM Listens To Our Readers

Double Vision - Terry Webb and David Fisher our reviewing duo takes an all new batch of resin and vinyl figures.

Gotham's Garage - Mike Stutelburg - Holy figure freak out Batman! Mike kicks off a new comic related column for AFM with the first of amulti-part series on scratch building The Bat Cave!

The Fault Line by Mike Wowczuk - The very latest and greatest from the hot bed of model production, the west coast!

B5-PC 2 3D - Dean Dymerski - Dean delivers the goods on how to achieve the computer generated patterns of a BS space vessel on a three dimensional model kit!

Finely Tuned by Steve Parke Steve goes straight for the guts with toxic results with a Zombie that took a wrong turn on the Jersey turnpike! Looks like a barrel of gun!

Raptor Reviews - William Stout - This issue finds William "In Pursuit" of Tony McVey's latest dino masterpiece!

Rockets Rivets & Robots - Lee Straton - Lee sets his sights and takes aim with Doppelganger Flazger/Katsumata Series D pistol, all Replicants beware!

Phantastic Plastic - Frank "Bug Boy" Daniel - dissects Renwal's classic insect kits in his latest poke at plastic with the heart warming "Bugs Have Guts Too!"

Out of the Box - Chaz Lovejoy - Chas previews the latest and greatest releases from the pre painted market!

Aliens and Oils - Darrin Marsh - Darrin oils up and goes toe to tail with the Alien with beautiful results!

Modelmania David Fisher Art boy goes Krazy for Krazy Horsz from Hogan's Bones - you'll see why!

AFM Company Profile: Screamin' Models - George T. Stephenson - What better way to feature the ground breaking hobby giant but with a ground breaking interview, two titans of our hoby discuss shop for our readers!

It Came From The Garage by Frank Daniel - The Latest Releases In The . Scene

Anatomically Correct - William Paquet - William verbalizes on viscera - lunch anyone?!

AFM Readers's Gallery - AFM throws the spotlight on our talented readers.

Aurora Retrospective - Part 2 - Tom Graham - Author Tom Graham shares his interview with Aurora's Master Sculptor Bill Lemon in an AFM exclusive!

AFM Artist Profile: Tom Savini - Frank "Gut Boy" Daniel - Master FX artist Tom Savini has made a career of making audiences see red, now he turns his talents toward our hobby and high-end collectibles.

Shapeshifter - Dan Platt - Dan charts the pros and cons of working with Super Sculpey!

The Tool Box - Chuck Davenport - chuck personally tests modeling products and materials and gives our readers the scoop on what's hot, and what's not!

AFM Exclusive Extra: The Cenobites! - Terry J. Webb & David Fisher - AFM's two resident pinheads meet the real Pinhead, along with Butterball and the chatterer in an exclusive and reference-rich interview granted especially for the reader's of AFM!

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Crypt Stick To Your GutsCrypt Stick To Your GutsCrypt Stick To Your GutsCrypt Stick To Your Guts