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Jimmy Campanis says he prepared a speech and told his father he'd have to recite it to the class the next morning at 10. And right on schedule, as Jimmy was wrapping up his "tell," he caught a glimpse of Al standing in the hall outside the classroom.

When he died three years ago at the age of 50, Michael had accumulated debts of nearly half a billion dollars. But, as someone once said, dying is a great career move, and thanks to astute management and exploitation of his back catalogue, his estate is back in the black.

Yet now the private Mellon, who turns 101 on Aug. 9, has become front-page news for her unwitting involvement in two unrelated criminal cases. Prosecutors have charged that she gave $725,000 to former presidential candidate John Edwards in 2007 and 2008, which he used to conceal his extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter and the existence of their child. Mellon has not been accused of wrongdoing (she even paid gift taxes), but Edwards was indicted in June for violating campaign-finance laws. He pleaded not guilty and is preparing for trial this fall. A key issue: did Edwards solicit the money to salvage his presidential campaign, or was this an attempt to prevent is cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, from learning of the romance?

Jackie Edwards Put Your Tears AwayJackie Edwards Put Your Tears AwayJackie Edwards Put Your Tears AwayJackie Edwards Put Your Tears Away