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I am one of you.  To my pleasant surprise, this fact has resonated with our fans and alumni more than anything else in my early tenure as your athletics director.  I know because you have told me so, in countless conversations at games and events all across this country.  Truth be told, few facts bring me more pride.  Over the last 20 years, I have earned my orange and blue stripes honestly.  Forty-five football games as a player, with all the blood, sweat, and tears they required.  Two degrees, including one each from our highly acclaimed Colleges of Business and Law.  And two tours of duty as a staff member for our Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, first as a young, aspiring administrator and now as his older, balder counterpart.

Old English clingan "hold fast, adhere closely; congeal, shrivel" (strong verb, past tense clang , past participle clungen ), from Proto-Germanic *klingg- (cf. Danish klynge "to cluster;" Old High German klinga "narrow gorge;" Old Norse klengjask "press onward;" Danish klinke , Dutch klinken "to clench;" German Klinke "latch").

The main sense shifted in Middle English to "adhere to" (something else), "stick together." Of persons in embrace, . Figuratively (to hopes, outmoded ideas, etc.), from 1580s. Of clothes from 1792. Related: Clung ; clinging .

But when he asked me the secret to finding The One, I knew the answer instantly. And I was surprised that the answer was a pretty dang good one.

Clingers Something Here In My HeartClingers Something Here In My HeartClingers Something Here In My HeartClingers Something Here In My Heart