Victor go on do it - English Exercises: A question of Spot: Play, Do or Go

There's always someone to ask if you need some help, and if you're interested in learning wood turning, see Christopher (wood-turner extraordinaire) who has offered to give lessons.

This quote comes from Walton’s first letter to his sister in England. It encapsulates one of the main themes of Frankenstein —that of light as a symbol of knowledge and discovery. Walton’s quest to reach the northernmost part of the earth is similar in spirit to Victor’s quest for the secret of life: both seek ultimate knowledge, and both sacrifice the comfort of the realm of known knowledge in their respective pursuits. Additionally, the beauty and simplicity of the phrasing epitomize the eighteenth-century scientific rationalists’ optimism about, and trust in, knowledge as a pure good.

Victor Go On Do ItVictor Go On Do ItVictor Go On Do ItVictor Go On Do It