Change sharing your love - The Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love (And Why Knowing Them.

Every night fighting about non-sense seemed to be a daily routine.   After drinking a few vodka tonics suddenly we’d both turn into these alpha type males that had pissing matches over EVERYTHING.   I mean, if we didn’t agree with who should win Rupaul’s Dragrace we would get into it.  If one of us left a towel on the floor it was a personal attack on the other.   Jealously became an emotion that couldn’t be tamed and was used as a weapon to hurt one another.

I cry more often than is ‘normal’ for a guy. This week I bawled while reading a Harry Dresden noir-mystery, and teared-up staring at the heart-racingly beautiful ex-pornstar, Bree Olson .

Change Sharing Your LoveChange Sharing Your LoveChange Sharing Your LoveChange Sharing Your Love