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“Ritchie is not your typical mid-western businessman,” a CNN article in 2007 quotes. “He ran the world's largest commodities trading firm, broke a transcontinental speed record in his private plane, and managed mission control for his friend and fellow adventurer, balloonist Steve Fossett.” [4] Ritchie’s businesses reach worldwide, with joint ventures in Russia in the early 1990s and companies in Japan beginning in the early 2000s. He was also involved in country development with foreign policy in Afghanistan in the late 1990s and economic development in Rwanda as the former CEO of the Rwandan Development Board up until the end of 2009. He currently serves as co-chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council for Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame . [4] [5]

He is highlighting what I and many others consider to be society’s biggest challenge, and arguably failure: the continuing loss of species from Earth. The massive impact we are having on the planet has firmly entrenched us in a period of our history commonly called the Anthropocene .

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Little Ritchie Just Another HeartacheLittle Ritchie Just Another HeartacheLittle Ritchie Just Another HeartacheLittle Ritchie Just Another Heartache