Joy she and i elle et moi - Joy - She And I (Elle Et Moi) (Another Remix) 1987 - YouTube

Koffi composed the song to celebrate the birth of his first child, a daughter whom he named expresses his joy at the birth of his first child : “ She’s here at last, more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever known, more beautiful than the sweetest of my illusions! Minou, Minou, like a ripe fruit, sweet to the core, you and I, every evening it’s carnival time together. Oh, who’ll come and take a picture of the pair of us? Minou, in my heart and in my soul, inseparable as milk in coffee. Oh, little daughter, you renew me! ”

The Proudhon avatar affectively and vainly tries to convince him to re­turn to the city they created a few years ago… A city of a social model which “Thoreau” renounced and abnegated.

Joy She And I Elle Et MoiJoy She And I Elle Et MoiJoy She And I Elle Et Moi