Sweet cookie mind your business - Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe – The Sweet Adventures of Sugar.

“Have mercy!” Quick, who said that on an old TGIF show?  But really, this cookie pie is so amazingly delicious and rich. You could even add a scoop of ice cream like the millionaire skookie if you wanted to, but this was so good we didn’t want to add anything. And we do often just use Pillsbury cookie dough for time. We’ve been working really hard on how we communicate and show love lately and while making things together to devour together definitely helps us all relax and feel a little love it’s not the only way to do it.

 · Sweet potato burritos with black beans, smothered in a simple but flavorful avocado salsa verde sauce. These vegetarian burritos are easily made vegan.

I’m counting down the minutes until I can heat up a big bowlful of this soup for lunch. It’s spicy, filling, satisfying, and overflowing with so-called power foods and whole grain goodness. The Thai red curry paste might seem like an unlikely pairing for sweet potatoes, kale and farro, but somehow it just works.

Sweet Cookie Mind Your BusinessSweet Cookie Mind Your BusinessSweet Cookie Mind Your BusinessSweet Cookie Mind Your Business