12 japanese 1010 watts - The Asahi Shimbun

The Asahi Shimbun has recorded the entire picture of the Tsukiji fish market before its relocation to the Toyosu district, and also introduces a variety of sushi.

So, while we have roof insulation, big windows and a breezy location, there are often times when air conditioning is wanted, especially when music from local fiestas booms and during the hot summer season when daytime temperatures can reach 37C (97F), humidity is high and nighttime temperatures don’t fall that much.  No matter how well designed, any house can be uncomfortable and a relief from the heat is a relief worth paying for, especially older and less healthy retirees. For us, air conditioning is also a courtesy to guests not accustomed to the tropical heat.  We have a dear friend who suffers from emphysema. Our guest room air con is specially for him.

12 Japanese 1010 Watts12 Japanese 1010 Watts