10 Ways to Really Love a Scorpio

10 Ways to Really Love a Scorpio

These are some general ideas when you’re dealing with Scorpios: When Scorpio is speaking to you, pay attention. If you are not paying attention and just faking it, they will know. Scorpios are very curious, always add a “how” and “why” when telling them a story. Boring people of little substance don’t interest them nor do they get past acquaintance with Scorpio. Scorpio astrology signs are Water signs, they generally like anything in the water sports arena. Scorpios like to hang out with other people at parties, social functions, and charity balls; any place they can mingle with the well to do, the prosperous, the affluent.

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Here are some stats. Both of us have never been married and have no kids. I met this guy online almost two months ago. We live about 50 miles away but decided that is no issue.

28 responses on “ Dating a Separated Man Is a Major Dating Mistake ” Ronnie Ann Ryan Post author June 28, at am. Hi Pearl, Thanks for sharing your story. I had to shorten it a bit for the blog, but I’m so sorry things didn’t work out.

Twitter I’ve been seeing this scorpio guy for six months now and i never paid attention to astrology till i met him thought it was crap. Now hear me out and please try to take me seriously. Everything was going great between us we would text everyday and talk on the phone. He like to tell me about his day, his work, his family.

There where times id go to his house and spend the weekends. And sometimes id stay when he wasn’t home. Last Wensday he text me up and asked me if id like to stay the night he said but ill have to take you home at 4: I said thats fine. That night i talked to him about meeting my sister and we talked about what we are going to do that day.

He said he had no problem. In the morning he took me home and we kiss and i started joking with him about how it better not take him three weeks to come see me again. It will be three weeks. I said nope better not

Should I Text Him

I hate to admit it but I did let myself seem a little needy, unintentionally of course. I just got out of something that was messy.. Two days later he texted me, just seeing what was up, and we had a short, simple, normal conversation. So my question is, did I save face after being needy by playing it cool? And if so, is it the right move to not contact him…? To answer your question, yes, it seems like you did the right thing by giving him space and taking the pressure off.

I feel like all these one line quotes-“If he likes you, it only takes 30 seconds to shoot a text” can be ridiculously dangerous. (In the beginning of a dating relationship, I understand this a little more.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Capricorn man guide and Scorpio woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

I met a Capricorn man and I was blown away by how intense it was! It didn’t last long at all He had such a strong sense of self It was a challenge for me too I was a total Scorpio girl and he put up a wall Two strong minded people going at it But I daydream about him everyday and check my phones for texts Maybe he’ll surprise me and come back! I am completely in love with a Capricorn man.

Should I text him or wait *scorpio*

If this is a guy you just started seeing… Over the course of the last decade and a half, texting has increasingly become a constant part of waking life. He might be focused on something and have his phone off. So just to get that out of the way: That is to say, you say NO to guys who are not heading in the direction you want to go and YES to the one who is? Currently, the western world views dating as a process of impressing the other person.

Which is foolish on two fronts:

May 18,  · I’m in the same situation too. This guy initiate texting me every day. However, I came to realise that he is already in relationship with another lady.

He was so mad one day he through a bracelet at me and gave me a gash in the back of my ear. He claimed he did not mean to throw at me… ladies believe me this is not worth it. I hate him and he can go back to jailfor all I care. What a dum mistake I made. Then after you just be like fuck that bitch, forgive him and forgive you cos the truth is you always wanted good things but that gives his sick ass son of a bitch ass no right to treat another person wrong and then you just forgive and BUH BYEEEEEEE And go on looking hunnnnaaaaay for your true trueeeeee love, and happiness and desire and dont settle and be kind and all the other good beautiful things you issssss.

You need to make a dramatic change, accept it will be dramatic, and run from t he situation. Also, find a man stronger than him and get his ass beat. There is one thing i am good at is leaving and leaving fast! Girl sounds to familar my baby dad is a Scorpio and me sag was attracted to him and then as the relationship went on he was jealous pissesie and always wanted to be in control of everything in my life!!

We were both hot headed so if he would hit me I would strike back and we would be wild!

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Confused — April 21, 2: He did flirt a bit I flirted too but not to the same extent as him. So now we meet last Thursday for a few drinks he was very probing asking a lot of question about my family, job ect seemed interested and listened to me. He even told me about a problem he had with a friend and even asked for advice thought this was strange for a Scorpio are they not very private?

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Where Scorpios come to soar. When two Fixed signs come together, it is a very crazy ride! Scorpio and Aquarius have character traits which are not traditionally compatible, but that just makes their relationship all the more interesting. Their connection with each other is very unpredictable and has a tendency to go to extremes. Scorpio in particular is much more emotional and subjective than Aquarius is. Scorpio feels everything on a very profound and intense level, and is known for their tremendous passion.

Aquarius tends to be very mellow and does not like to spend too much time wallowing in their feelings. Air signs tend to be intellectually-oriented rather than emotionally-oriented. A Scorpio and Aquarius relationship is like a case of opposites attracting although these two are not actually opposites in the zodiac. Aquarius loves coming up with abstract, unorthodox, futuristic and progressive ideas.

An Aquarian mind is constantly bustling with exciting new concepts, and Aquarius can work independently on a project if they think it will benefit society or if they have a unique vision that others have not yet thought of. Scorpio is also quite the intellectual thinker, but Scorpio tends to follow intuition more than reason. Aquarius would rather have concrete answers on which facts point to something being wrong.

7 Reasons Why He Stopped Texting You

The only reason your crush is taking forever to answer is because you took forever to answer them. May 21st — June 20th Your crush never knows what to expect when it comes to you. The flirty, fun-loving side? Or the depressed, whiny side? July 23rd — August 22nd Your crush expects you to take the reigns.

4th, you established no ground rules or goals. i.e. Dating without sex until you know him better or no sex with guy unless a commitment is established. Or just having sex, no commitment. 5th, lacking self-control.

She Holds Eye Contact When you talk with her, does she look you in the eye? She definitely has feelings for you. Eye contact is a great way to detect flirty vibes, especially if she seems super conscious about it. Check the content of her messages. If you start receiving texts from her asking how your day was, or telling a cute story about why she thought of you that day, you can be fairly sure that she is interested.

Click To Tweet 6. She Asks You Obvious Questions Have you suddenly become the new Google for a certain girl over the last couple of weeks? If she is texting you questions, or giving you a call to check details on things that she could just as easily Google, or even might know herself, then she is searching for excuses to talk to you. This is especially true if her question starts of a whole series of text conversations that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the original question.

How Texting Can Ruin Relationships

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